Episode 23: RECAP: Listener Reviews, Tracy Rector, What's Next, and More

Bryan and Jason discuss what they learned from last week’s interview with filmmaker Tracy (Episode 22), who won an Emmy this year for her work on the documentary Dawnland. They also talk about listener reviews, what they are currently listening to and watching, and what to expect on next week’s episode with musician Jeff Hamilton. […]

Episode 22: Talking with Northwest Filmmaker and Storyteller, Tracy Rector

Tracy Rector is Seattle-based filmmaker focused on amplifying and empowering indigenous voices. She won an Emmy this year for her work on Dawnland, a documentary about the State of Maine’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission which addressed cultural genocide perpetrated by social workers upon tribal families. Tracy has directed or produced over 400 films and is […]

Episode 21: RECAP: Takeaways from Dylan Neuwirth, Preview of Next Week's Episode, and More

Bryan and Jason discuss what they learned from last week’s interview with neon artist Dylan Neuwirth (Episode 20). They also talk about the upcoming episode with filmmaker Tracy Rector, who was nominated for an Emmy for her documentary Dawnland. Additional resources: www.dylanneuwirth.com https://www.westernneon.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DRZjBewSSI&fbclid=IwAR2K40sdQTCU3QbjTYQB6inPcVVDb1hbXMrYxil_OE_fDowUyBRN9DSBG1A&app=desktop https://www.bellevuearts.org/exhibitions/past/dylan-neuwirth Social Media FB: https://www.facebook.com/dylanneuwirth.1977 IG: https://www.instagram.com/dylanneuwirth/ Check This Out: Light, Space and […]

Episode 20: Light, Space and Interactive Technologies with Dylan Neuwirth

                Dylan Neuwirth is a Seattle-based artist who works with light space and interactive technologies. His neon light installations and sculptures can currently be seen at the Bellevue Arts Museum. His installation “All My Friends” is a permanent feature outside the Museum of Museums on Capitol Hill. What […]

Episode 19: RECAP: Lessons from Glass Blower Dan Friday

Bryan and Jason discuss what they learned from last week’s interview with Pacific Northwest artist Dan Friday (Episode 18). Dan Friday is a world-class glass blower whose unique work is influenced by tribal culture as well as the elements he is surrounded by in the Pacific Northwest. Check This Out: Reflections of Culture Through Glass, […]

Episode 18: Reflections of Culture Through Glass, with Glass Blower Dan Friday

            Dan Friday is a world-class glass blower whose art is shown in galleries and museums throughout the United States. A member of the Lummi Tribe, Dan’s pieces, which include totems, ravens, bears, and owls, are a reflection of his tribal culture and his Pacific Northwest roots. What you will […]

Episode 17: Lessons Learned from Jere Shea, and a Look at What's Ahead

In this week’s episode, Bryan and Jason talk about the take-aways from last week’s interview with Jere Shea. They also give a preview of next week’s episode with New York-based, multiplatinum voice coach Claude Stein. What you will learn: If you haven’t listened to Episode 16 with Jere Shea, you should. If you are curious […]

Episode 16: From Sondheim to City On A Hill, with Jere Shea

Jere Shea was nominated for a Tony for his lead role in Steven Sondheim’s Passion on Broadway. Jere went on to act in films and most recently was a series regular on the Showtime series City On A Hill with Kevin Bacon. What you will learn: What steps Jere shea took to learn the craft […]

Episode 15: "Hey Man, Nice Podcast" - Richard Patrick, Unfiltered

Richard Patrick was the touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails before founding the multi-platinum selling rock band Filter. With hits like Hey Man, Nice Shot” and “Take a Picture” Filter sold millions of albums and are about to release their 9th studio album. What you will learn: How growing up in Cleveland affected Richard’s outlook […]