Episode 152: RECAP - Tim Sutton's Sensual Lyricism, Sundance Preview, and Merry Christmas

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from Bryan’s interview with director and screenwriter Tim Sutton, whose most recent film, The Last Son, starring Heather Graham, Sam Worthington, Machine Gun Kelly, and Thomas Jane, premiered on December 10. They also talk about the upcoming end-of-the-year recap, and preview Bryan’s upcoming coverage of the Sundance Film Festival in […]

Episode 150: RECAP - Roman Takeaways, RIP Stephen Sondheim, Sundance 2022, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from Bryan’s interview with film composer Roman Molino Dunn, reminisce about Stephen Sondheim, who passed away last week, talk about Bryan’s return to the upcoming 2022 Sundance Film Festival as a member of the press, and preview Bryan’s upcoming interview with film director Tim Sutton, whose western starring Sam Worthington, […]

Episode 145: Reflections on Violet, Overcome By You, and Water Visions

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from Bryan’s chat with screenwriter and director Justine Bateman, who made her directorial debut with Violet, starring Olivia Munn, Luke Bracey, and Justin Theroux. Bryan and Jason play a new song (Overcome By You) from Chris Kinkade’s band Elsewaves. Jason talks about some new jazz songs he’s been writing and […]

Episode 141: RECAP - Eyebrows are Overrated, Chihuahua Mishaps, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason recap Bryan’s interviews with guitarist Jeff Fielder and director and screenwriter Rebecca Eskreis. Bryan talks about his recent “solo-cast,” shares why recording it was so difficult, and expresses gratitude for the positive feedback from listeners on that episode.¬†Jason talks about a recent harrowing experience in his recording studio involving a chihuahua and […]

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