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RECAP – Waking Up On the Green Side of the Grass, and Jason is Going to Hell

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from Bryan’s interviews with film directors Amber Sealey and Michele Civetta, wax philosophic about the fragility of life and our gratitude for being alive, and Jason tries to make amends for a joke he made about Keith Richards, but Bryan isn’t letting him off the hook so easily. To be […]

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Michele Civetta on Directing The Gateway, Starring Shea Whigham, Olivia Munn, and Bruce Dern

Michele Civetta is a writer, producer, Emmy nominated director, and founder of the production company Quintessence Films. Michele’s feature film, Agony, starring Asia Argento, was released in 2020. His most recent film is The Gateway, starring Shea Whigham, Olivia Munn, Bruce Dern, Frank Grillo, Mark Boone Junior, and Taryn Manning. The Gateway is a gritty crime-thriller […]

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Amber Sealey on Her Path into Film, and Directing No Man of God, with Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby

Actor and award-winning filmmaker Amber Sealey has directed film festival favorites such as How Does it Start, No Light and No Land Anywhere, and How to Cheat. Her most recent film, No Man of God starring Elijah Wood, Luke Kirby, and Robert Patrick, follows the real life friendship that developed between FBI Special Agent Bill […]

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Episode Recap, RIP Charlie Watts, White Lotus Review, and the Allure of Ted Bundy

Bryan and Jason recap Bryan’s interviews with Carson Mell, Olivia Taylor Dudley, and Al Di. Carson wrote, directed, and acted in the film Some of Our Stallions, which is now available on VOD. Olivia and Al co-starred in the film (which Al also produced). Jason talks about his experience watching Some of Our Stallions. Bryan […]

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Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is a folk and blues guitarist, pianist, writer, trial attorney, and host of DreamPath Podcast. As the host of DreamPath, Bryan explores the artistic journeys of musicians, filmmakers, writers, painters, and creatives of all types. What inspired them to choose the arts as a career? What hurdles did they overcome before achieving success? What does success mean as an artist? What did they learn from their failures? What advice do they have for aspiring creatives? By revealing the answers to these questions through in-depth, long-form interviews of Oscar-winning film directors, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, world-class painters, writers, and actors, and pre-eminent creatives from all fields, Bryan hopes that listeners will feel empowered and inspired to find their DreamPath.

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