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Jason Moore Producer, Editor, Consultant
Bryan and Jason discuss highlights from Bryan's interview with Seattle-based, Cuban-American artist Hugo Moro, mourn the loss of his guitar hero, Eddie Van Halen, review the documentary My Octopus Teacher (Bryan's favorite documentary from 2020, now streaming on Netflix), and discuss next week's interview with iconic rock photographer Neal Preston.
Sam David Rayka Zehtabchi Academy Awards Rayka Zehtabchi and Sam Davis Filmmaker, Director, Cinematographer
Rayka Zehtabchi and Sam Davis are Los Angeles-based filmmakers. Their documentary "Period. End of Sentence" won an Academy Award for best documentary short in 2019. After their success at the Oscars, Rayka directed and Sam filmed and edited "A Woman’s Place" which is now streaming on Hulu. A Woman’s Place captures the stories of three chefs, their careers, and their shared experience as women in the culinary industry facing and overcoming institutionalized sexism. 
Hugo Moro Headshot Hugo Moro Artist, Activist
Seattle-based Cuban-American studio artist Hugo Moro draws from his childhood experiences in Cuba, his artistic awakening in New York City, and his work as a professor, graphic designer, and art director in Miami, to create unique, eclectic installations, as well as gallery pieces. Hugo uses a wide range of media, including mixed media on panels, mixed media on chromogenic-print, found objects on panels, and even “burned chairs” to evoke emotion and create a sense of wonder.  
Jason Moore Producer, Editor, Consultant
Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from the Andrew Cohn interview, review the Hulu Original series Pen15, discuss some exciting projects planned for 2021, and preview next week's interview with Seattle-based artist Hugo Moro. 

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