April 15, 2020

RECAP – Sundance 2020, Podcasting in a Pandemic, and What’s Next?

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from the eight interviews recorded at the Sundance 2020 Film Festival in Park City. They also talk about the challenges of podcasting during a global pandemic and preview next week’s episode with the Modern Drummer publicist David Frangioni, who has served as Aerosmith’s music technologist for over 30 years.

Check This Out:

Speaking Truth to Power, with Brian Knappenberger and Guest Adam Steed

Storytelling Through Animation, with Filmmaker Florentine Grelier

Episode #46: Nick Cassavetes on Breaking the Family Mold as an Actor, Writer, and Director

Songwriting, the Grammys, & Finding Your Groove with Hollis Wong-Wear

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