Episode 11: The Trajectory of Lives and How to Tell a Good Story, with Bettina Gilois

Bettina Gilois is an award-winning screenwriter and author, whose awards and nominations include the Humanitas Prize, the Black Reelz Award, the Movieguide Award, an ESPY Award, and a nomination for an Emmy. After acquiring an art history degree from Columbia University and working at Andy Warhol’s Factory, she began her writing career with Joel Silver […]

Episode 10: How to Break into Hollywood, with Greg Mariotti

Greg Mariotti has been working in Los Angeles, California with Cameron Crowe’s production company Vinyl Films for the past four years. Prior to producing the documentary David Crosby: Remember My Name, which premieres in theaters on July 19, his most recent projects include Showtime’s Roadies and the Jerry Maguire 20th Anniversary Blu-ray and DVD. Prior […]

Episode 9: Talking with Internationally Acclaimed Painter Alfredo Arreguín

Seattle artist Alfredo Arreguin has exhibited his work internationally, most recently at the Museo de Cadiz in Spain (2015). He has exhibited solo shows at Linda Hodges Gallery since 2001. Arreguin has a long and distinguished list of accomplishments. In 1979 he was selected to represent the U.S. at the 11th International Festival of Painting […]

Episode 8: Talking with NPR Theme Song Composer BJ Leiderman

For over 30 years, award-winning composer BJ Leiderman has enjoyed a multifaceted career as a composer, lyricist, producer, copywriter and voice talent. He is best known as the composer of the themes for Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, Car Talk, The People’s Pharmacy, Common Ground, A Moment In Time with Dan Roberts and Wait, Wait, Don’t […]

Episode 7: Talking With Legendary Bass Player Gerald Johnson

Gerald Johnson’s professional career commenced with The Sweet Inspirations as an opening act for Elvis on The Strip in Las Vegas. A left-handed player who utilizes a righty Fender P inverted, Gerald’s soulful pocket playing, warm resonant tone, and engaging stage presence earned him a position at the top of his profession as an in-demand […]

Episode 4: Filmmaking and TV Production, with Josh Hodgins

Josh Hodgins is a professional filmmaker in Los Angeles, California. He has been in the industry for 23 years as a writer, producer, director, and actor. In 1997, Hodgins started the improv sketch comedy show titled: The Josh Hodgins Show which aired throughout the Pacific Northwest. The show would go on to win multiple awards […]

Episode 3: “Period. End of Sentence.”, with Rayka Zehtabchi

Rayka Zehtabchi is an Iranian-American film director based in Los Angeles. Her directorial debut, Madaran, is an Iranian language short film that has screened worldwide at established film festivals, winning jury awards at Hollyshorts, Urbanworld, and Cleveland International. Madaran qualified for the 89th Academy Awards in 2016. Rayka’s short documentary, Period. End of Sentence., is […]

Episode 2: Painting Through Pain, with Hiba Jameel

Hiba Jameel’s art serves as a way for her to process her world. Whether it is to fulfill her civic duty by criticizing the political climate or to express the sensitive sensual facets of life through painting flayed beautiful nude figures. Or painting to heal from her childhood wounds and engage others in art making […]