About Bryan Smith & DreamPath

Bryan Smith is a folk and blues guitarist, pianist, writer, trial attorney, and host of DreamPath Podcast. Bryan grew up immersed in the arts, taking tap dance, ballet, ballroom, and piano lessons at an early age. At 15, he picked up a guitar given to his father by the rock band Heart (he was Heart’s tour pilot), and taught himself to play. In college, Bryan founded a funk and blues band, but as the band found success and began touring, Bryan came to a crossroads and decided to leave the band and focus on school and a legal career. Although he still finds immense fulfillment in his career as a trial lawyer, advocating for the rights sexual abuse survivors throughout the country, he has always admired those who had the courage to choose the arts as their career at their crossroads. 
As the host of DreamPath, Bryan explores the artistic journeys of musicians, filmmakers, writers, painters, and creatives of all types. What inspired them to choose the arts as a career? How did they make the leap from their day jobs to their current gig? What hurdles did they overcome before achieving success? What does success mean as an artist? What did they learn from their failures? What challenges do they currently face in their field, creatively or with the business aspects of their craft? What advice do they have for aspiring creatives? By revealing the answers to these questions through in-depth, long-form interviews of Oscar-winning film directors, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, world-class painters, writers, and actors, and pre-eminent creatives from all fields, Bryan hopes that listeners will feel empowered and inspired to find their DreamPath.