February 19, 2021

Castille Landon on Acting, Harvard, and Writing and Directing Fear Of Rain

Castille Landon is an actor, screenwriter, and director who wrote and directed the psychological thriller Fear of Rain, starring Madison Iseman, Harry Harry Connick Jr., Katherine Heigl, and Israel Broussard. Before directing Fear of Rain, Castille wrote and directed Albion: The Enchanted Stallion and Apple of My Eye. She recently directed two films in the After series, based on the After book series, by Anna Todd.

What you will learn:

  • How Castille began her career as an actor, entered academia, and transitioned into screenwriting and directing.
  • Why Castille prefers screenwriting and directing over acting, due to the emotional toll of the audition process.
  • How her experience as an actor has made her a more empathetic and effective director.
  • The benefits of her liberal arts education, and why aspiring filmmakers should study “everything but film” in college.
  • How Castille approached casting Fear of Rain.
  • The importance of “name actors” in certain roles, and lesser known actors in other roles; and the risks directors take by casting name actors without auditions.
  • The hurdles Castille faced as a result of last minute casting changes.
  • Why the themes in Fear of Rain resonate with a broad audience despite the specific challenges faced by the protagonist.
  • The research Castille did on schizophrenia and mental illness while writing the screenplay for Fear of Rain.
  • Advice she has for aspiring filmmakers.
  • Why, despite having degrees from Harvard and Oxford, she still longs for the world of academia.

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