December 9, 2020

James Healy Jr. on Auditioning, Acting, and the Quest for Recurring Roles

James Healy Jr. has worked as a police chief, detective, and SWAT team member, but is also a familiar face in the film industry with a 45 year-long acting career. James has appeared in many beloved television shows of the late 90s and 00s, such as Walker, Texas Ranger, Will & Grace, 24, Even Stevens, and Law and Order: SVU. His film credits include Ida Red and Reagan, starring Josh Hartnett, Melissa Leo, Penelope Ann Miller, Frank Grillo, and Dennis Quaid, among others.

James Healy Jr. and Thomas Lennon

James Healy Jr. and Thomas Lennon on set

James Healy Jr. Headshot

James Healy Jr.










What you will learn:

  • James chats about his two recent films Ida Red and Reagan, provides insight into what filming is like during the pandemic, and reflects his recent wave of success which began later in this career. [0:00-11:39]
  • Why, despite his close friendships with actors like Lou Diamond Phillips, James chooses not to utilize these friendships and connections to get acting roles. Also, James gives advice to aspiring actors regarding acting “workshops” and how they can help actors make connections to casting agents in the industry. [11:39-17:53]
  • How he was able to transition between law enforcement and acting, and how his experience in law enforcement informed some of his roles. [17:53-26:40]
  • James’ current ambitions as an actor, why he still gets excited to work consistently, regardless of the role, and the importance of knowing what a casting director is looking for and playing to your strengths. [26:40-35:58]
  • What it was like working with actor and screenwriter Thomas Lennon (Reno 911, Night At The Museum), in Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, and what went on behind the scenes. Also, how indie film auditions and work differ from studio film auditions and work. [35:58-43:38]; and
  • Why the Screen Actors Guild has disappointed James lately, and how well-known actors like William Forsythe, auditioning for smaller roles, make for stiff competition. [43:38-53:37]

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