November 13, 2019

Light, Space and Interactive Technologies with Dylan Neuwirth

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Dylan Neuwirth is a Seattle-based artist who works with light space and interactive technologies. His neon light installations and sculptures can currently be seen at the Bellevue Arts Museum. His installation “All My Friends” is a permanent feature outside the Museum of Museums on Capitol Hill.

What you will learn:

  • How art brought him from Athens, Georgia to Seattle, Washington.
  • How vivid memories of his childhood have influenced his work.
  • The origin story of his most recent installation (“All My friends”) which which is now a permanent installation outside the Museum of Museums in Seattle.
  • What motivated him to become clean and sober.
  • How his outlook on his art changed after becoming clean and sober.
  • How he collaborates with family and multiple other arists.
  • How neon art is made by a team of people, including “benders.”
  • How he uses video to tell short, impactful stories as a reflection of his life.
  • How he learned the craft and art of neon fabrication.
  • How the skills he developed welding, painting, and metal fabrication were transferrable to his work in neon as an artist.
  • How growing up in a vibrant arts community like Athens, Georgia can encourage, influence, and inspire a young artist.
  • How finding a community of like-minded artists can be just as or even more valuable than a formal, college education in the arts.
  • How his love for sculpture transitioned into the medium of neon.
  • The economic and educational barriers to getting into neon as an artistic medium.
  • How his interest in music, film, and literature influence his art.
  • How Neon is a confluence of analog and digital elements.
  • How he uses art to “deprofessionalize” the art world and actually enjoys the idea of passers-by not even knowing that they are walking by art.
  • How the movie Fletch, Mad Max, and Terminator influence his work.
  • How a “redneck magician” named Keith Tull taught him the importance of “timing, technique, and maintenance.”

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