Episode 80: RECAP - Reflecting on Darran Bruce, and the Challenge of Discovering Our Own Story

Bryan and Jason reflect on Bryan’s interview with The DJ Sessions founder and producer Darran Bruce from last week, and share their thoughts on why it’s easy to reveal the stories of others through conversation, yet so difficult to discover and share our own stories. Resources Related Darran Bruce: Darran’s: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch The DJ Sessions Website i AM, […]

Episode 78: RECAP - Kylie Rothfield Takeaways, Election 2020, Comfort Content, Chess Drama, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from last week’s interview with singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kylie, weigh in on the election results, talk about their “comfort content,” and preview next week’s interview with “DJ Sessions” producer Darran Bruce. Resources Related Kylie Rothfield: Kylie Rothfield’s: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Check This Out: Kylie Rothfield’s on Songwriting, The Voice, and Holding on […]

Episode 76: RECAP - Mad Respect for Neal Preston, Marijuana Doc Talk, Letterman Love, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from last week’s amazing chat with legendary rock photographer Neal Preston, review the Netflix documentary Grass Is Greener and Dave Letterman’s second season of My Next Guest, and preview next week’s interview with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Kylie Rothfied. Resources Related Neal Preston: Neal Photography Neal Preston’s: Facebook & Instagram Neal: Exhilarated and Exhausted […]

Episode 73: RECAP - Hugo Moro Highlights, RIP EVH, Octopus Love, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason discuss highlights from Bryan’s interview with Seattle-based, Cuban-American artist Hugo Moro, mourn the loss of his guitar hero, Eddie Van Halen, review the documentary My Octopus Teacher (Bryan’s favorite documentary from 2020, now streaming on Netflix), and discuss next week’s interview with iconic rock photographer Neal Preston. Resources Related Hugo Moro: Hugo Moro’s: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn […]

Episode 70: RECAP - Andrew Cohn Takeaways, PEN15 Review, Plans for 2021, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from the Andrew Cohn interview, review the Hulu Original series Pen15, discuss some exciting projects planned for 2021, and preview next week’s interview with Seattle-based artist Hugo Moro. Check This Out: RECAP: Listener Reviews, Tracy Rector, What’s Next, and More Episode #91: Encore Interview with Anthony Willis, Film Composer for […]

Episode 68: RECAP - Tommy Avallone Takeaways, R.I.P. RBG, Zombie Love, and What's Next

In Episode 68 Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from the interview with film director Tommy Avallone, mourn the loss of legal giant Ruth Bader Ginsberg, talk about Bryan’s love for Zombie movies (including his recent favorite Train to Busan), and preview next week’s interview with director Andrew Cohn, whose film The Last Shift, starring Richard Jenkins, Shane […]

Episode 61: RECAP - Mercedes Takeaways, Nostalgia for Joan Jett, Bryan and Jason Play the Blues

Bryan and Jason discuss key takeaways from last week’s interview with Washington D.C.-based artist Stephanie Mercedes, wax nostalgic about Joan Jett after watching her documentary on Hulu, and finish with some blues riffs on Bryan’s new amp. Resources Stephanie Mercedes: Website, Instagram, YouTube channel IssueVoter Transcript Check This Out: Rob on Steve Martin, Voice Acting, and Life […]