February 16, 2022

Josef Kubota Wladyka on Writing, Directing, and Producing Catch The Fair One, Starring Kali Reis

Josef Kubota Wladyka is a screenwriter, director, and producer. His episodic television credits as a director include the netflix series Narcos, Narcos: Mexico, and Animal Kingdom, among others. Josef’s most recent feature film, Catch The Fair One, which he wrote, directed, and produced, was released in select theaters and on VOD on February 11 by IFC Films. Executive Produced by Darren Aronofsky and Produced by Academy Award winner Mollye Asher, Catch The Fair One stars Kali Reis, playing a former champion boxer who sets off on a dangerous quest into the criminal underworld of sex trafficking to find her kidnapped sister. Kali developed the story for Catch The Fair One with Josef over the course of several years. 

What you will learn:

  • How Josef developed the story and script for Catch The Fair One with professional boxer Kali Reis over the course of several years. 
  • How Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, The Fighter) became involved as Executive Producer on Catch The Fair One. 
  • How Josef became the first American director of the Netflix series Narcos, and Narcos: Mexico. 
  • What Josef learned directing multiple episodes of Narcos.
  • How Josef balances the need to make money and pay the bills by working in episodic television, with his passion to make indie films, which take years to develop and are not always lucrative endeavors.  
  • Bryan and Josef do a deep dive on some of the decisions Josef made in Catch The Fair One, regarding expository scenes (or lack thereof), call backs, and more.  
  • Why Josef chose to disengage from social media after the pandemic began, and how this has helped him creatively. 


  • Josef Kubota Wladyka’s IMDb

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