Episode 61: RECAP - Mercedes Takeaways, Nostalgia for Joan Jett, Bryan and Jason Play the Blues

Bryan and Jason discuss key takeaways from last week’s interview with Washington D.C.-based artist Stephanie Mercedes, wax nostalgic about Joan Jett after watching her documentary on Hulu, and finish with some blues riffs on Bryan’s new amp. Resources Stephanie Mercedes: Website, Instagram, YouTube channel IssueVoter Transcript Check This Out: Rob on Steve Martin, Voice Acting, and Life […]

Episode 59: RECAP: Matthew Barry Takeaways, the Zen of Bill Murray, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason discuss key takeaways from last week’s interview with Matthew Barry, wax philosophic about the zen of Bill Murray after watching The Bill Murray Stories (now streaming on Netflix), and preview next week’s interview with Washington D.C.-based Argentinian-American artist Stephanie Mercedes, who melts guns into art. Resources About Matthew Barry: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, IMDb page Teaches […]

Episode 54: RECAP: Meredith O'Connor Takeaways, MTV Trivia, Big Magic, and What's Next

RECAP: Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from last week’s chat with Meredith O Connor. Bryan hits Jason with an MTV trivia question. Bryan talks about his latest read (Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert) and how that may influence his selection of future guests. Bryan and Jason preview next week’s interview with voice actor Rob Paulsen. […]

Episode 52: RECAP: IndieFlix, #BLM, Hard Truths, and a Simple Twist of Fate

What you will learn: Bryan and Jason recap last week’s interview with IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen, express their support for the Black Lives Matter protesters, and discuss the new Jeffrey Epstein documentary. Bryan talks about a Bob Dylan song that he’s attempting to deconstruct – Simple Twist of Fate by Bob Dylan. Jason and Bryan preview […]

Episode 47: RECAP: Takeaways from Nick Cassavetes, Turning 50, and What's Ahead

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from the Nick Cassavetes episode, what it’s like turning 50, what life was like in 1970 (the year of Jason’s birth), and preview next week’s episode with screenwriter and actor Bob Sáenz, author of the book That’s Not The Way It Works: a no-nonsense guide to the craft and business […]

Episode 45: RECAP: Takeaways from David Frangioni, Pandemic Life, and What's Ahead.

Bryan and Jason discuss: Last week’s interview with David Frangioni. How they are coping as the pandemic drags on. The loss of folk/country music songwriting legend John Prine. Bryan’s childhood trauma of being rejected by “Company 7” (an arts program in elementary school); and Next week’s interview with film director Nick Cassavetes, who directed The […]

Episode 43: RECAP: Sundance 2020, Podcasting in a Pandemic, and What's Next?

Bryan and Jason discuss takeaways from the eight interviews recorded at the Sundance 2020 Film Festival in Park City. They also talk about the challenges of podcasting during a global pandemic and preview next week’s episode with the Modern Drummer publicist David Frangioni, who has served as Aerosmith’s music technologist for over 30 years. Check This […]