October 30, 2019

Reflections of Culture Through Glass, with Glass Blower Dan Friday

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Dan Friday is a world-class glass blower whose art is shown in galleries and museums throughout the United States. A member of the Lummi Tribe, Dan’s pieces, which include totems, ravens, bears, and owls, are a reflection of his tribal culture and his Pacific Northwest roots.

What you will learn:

  • How Dan went from fixing cars to working with world-class glass blowers like Dale Chihuly, and then became a world-class glass blower himself.
  • How Dan developed his unique glass blowing style and aesthetic.
  • How his tribal culture influenced his approach to glass blowing.
  • How he learned the art and craft of glass blowing.
  • How glass blowing is a “team sport.”
  • How he navigates the challenges of the business of making and selling art.
  • How his art takes him around the world, where he teaches others about glass blowing.

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