December 15, 2021

Tim Sutton on Screenwriting, His “Dark Lens,” and Directing The Last Son

Tim Sutton is the screenwriter and director behind five critically acclaimed films, including Funny Face, Donnybrook, Dark Night, Memphis, and Pavilion. His most recent film, The Last Son, which premiered on December 10, stars Sam Worthington, Heather Graham, and Machine Gun Kelly.

What you will learn:

  • How the screenplay for The Last Son came to him during the pandemic, and how themes in the film reflect the state of the world during such an unprecedented time. [0:00-7:52]
  • How Tim juxtaposed natural, beautiful light in The Last Son with the dark themes of fearing the unknown and existentialism. Tim also reflects on his views on the power of minimalism in film and in storytelling in general. [7:52-15:56]
  • What Tim is working on next, including an adaptation of a Tobias Wolff novel, The Chain, why he never thought he would make a western, and how he approached gun safety on set. [15:56-21:12]
  • What it was like working with Machine Gun Kelly, Sam Worthington, Heather Graham, and Thomas Jane on The Last Son. [21:12-30:09]
  • Tim reveals his screenwriting process and the logistics of writing lingering scenes with no dialogue in a script, while still keeping producers and potential investors invested in the story. [30:09-35:36]
  • Tim’s experience with obtaining financing for indie films and the importance of finding your audience. What Tim has planned for 2022. [35:36-43:52]


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