October 20, 2021

RECAP – Onur Takeaways; Bryan and Jason on Shrooms, Songwriting, and Concerts at the Gorge

Bryan and Jason discuss key takeaways from Bryan’s epic chat with artist, musician, painter, author, and filmmaker Onur Tukel. Jason shares his thoughts on Seattle’s recent decision to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. Bryan talks about a book on songwriting he just read called How To Write One Song, by Jeff Tweedy. Bryan talks about his interview with Justine Bateman which launches next week. Bryan and Jason reflect on memories of seeing concerts at The Gorge Amphitheater. And Bryan talks about the possibility of interviewing the man responsible for creating The Gorge concert venue in the 1980s: Ken Kinnear, who is featured in the recently-released documentary Enormous: The Gorge Story.

Enormous The Gorge Story

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