June 28, 2021

Monica Nevi on Stand-Up Comedy, Podcasting, Cancel Culture, and Work-Life Balance

Seattle-based comedian Monica Nevi began stand-up comedy in college and now performs nationally and internationally, headlining at Bumbershoot and opening for talents like Michael Ian Black, Sarah Colonna, Ari Shaffir, and Nick Swardson. She’s also the cohost of the podcast HugLife, host of the 80 for 80 documentary series, host of the Dumb Pitches podcast, and has released two #1 comedy albums.

Monica Nevi

What you will learn:

  • Monica shares about her experience performing stand-up in Yakima, Washington recently, and reflects on the challenges that specific venues and crowd demographics can create for comics. She also discusses her approach to crowd work as a comic. [0:00-13:12]
  • Going back to her college years at Seattle University, Monica reveals how she intended to pursue a career in athletics until an injury shifted her sights toward comedy. Monica’s early stand-up influences, and the value in being vulnerable on stage and personally relating to your material. [13:12-23:38]
  • Monica’s dos and don’ts of open mic nights cultivated from her personal experience, and what she wished she had known before transitioning to longer sets. [23:38-33:35]
  • What Monica’s writing and revising process is like with her stand-up comedy. How HugLife Podcast came together seven years ago and how she and her co-host approach touchy subjects such as “cancel culture.” Monica’s personal experience with the now infamous Tony Hinchcliffe and her view of his racist rant on stage in Austin, Texas. [33:35-45:37]
  • What Monica’s newer podcast Dumb Pitches is about. The hustle it takes to make it as a successful comic (or simply make a living in comedy) and Monica’s next goal in comedy. [45:37-1:02:08]
  • Her observations about the ratio of male to female road comics vs. big city club comics. Advice Monica would give to others aspiring to make it as a stand-up comedian. [1:02:08-1:08:00]


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