December 11, 2019

From Milwaukee to Montreal to Moscow with Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton is a muti-instrumentalist, recording engineer, live audio engineer, and side man for bands like Uriah Heap and Dennis DeYoung from Styx. Jeff toured with the Violent Femmes for 10 years and also recorded two of their studio albums. He’s also a member of multiple bands, including the internationally acclaimed Beatallica, with whom he will soon be performing in Montreal, Canada, and Moscow, Russia.

What you will learn:

  • How Jeff was inspired to learn to play guitar as a kid.
  • How his parents nurtured and cultivated his love for music.
  • How Jeff learned to record multiple tracks using a boom box as a child.
  • How Jeff met the Violent Femmes and was invited to tour the world with them for 10 years.
  • How Jeff utilized the skills he developed as a musician recording artist to become one of the most sought-after audio engineers and producers in the midwest.
  • How his musical connections resulted in him being invited to perform with Uriah Heap and Dennis DeYoung from Styx.
  • The origin story of his band Beatallica, which will be performing in Montreal and Moscow in 2020.
  • How members of the band Metallica came to the defense of Beatallica in a legal battle against Sony Music.

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