July 7, 2021

David Magidoff on Improv, Comedy, Fanaddicts Podcast, and the Dexter Revival

Actor and comedian David Magidoff is the host of game shows such as Broke A$$ Gameshow on MTV and HQ Trivia, co-host of the podcast Fanaddicts, and will be appearing as a series regular in the revival of the modern TV cult classic Dexter coming out this year. He can also been seen playing Nicky Brooks on Season One of the Apple TV series The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell, Reese Witherspoon, and Mark Duplass, among many other stars.

Fanaddicts Podcast David Magidoff Clare Kramer

What you will learn:

  • David divulges what it is like to be in the middle of shooting the revival of such a beloved show like Dexter and what the audition process was like. [0:00-7:14]
  • The impressive rundown of David’s unique and consistent career in the entertainment industry and the path he took to get there – from competitive improv, attending USC, getting an agent, to finally booking his first gig. [7:14-12:05]
  • David’s experience performing stand-up comedy and why he personally prefers improv comedy over stand-up. How being skilled at improv can help one’s acting ability, and how it helped David during his audition for Dexter. [12:05-23:22]
  • Why David prefers to live in the moment instead of concretely planning too far in advance. How he handled working with such a star-studded cast in the Emmy-winning The Morning Show. [23:22-30:40]
  • What it was like for David to work with the late, brilliant Lynn Shelton and how he reflects on her passing both as a fan of her partner Marc Maron, and as someone who worked with her professionally. [30:40-36:00]
  • How David compiled his reel to audition for SNL and, despite not getting hired at SNL, how that reel led to a different job in the industry. David also discusses his new podcast, Fanaddicts (which he co-hosts with Clare Kramer), shares what inspired him to approach celebrity interviews differently than other podcasters, and talks about some recent episodes he enjoyed recording. [36:00-45:44]
  • David provides all the information he’s legally allowed to disclose about his character in the upcoming season of Dexter, which will be released this Fall. [45:44-50:34]


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