January 8, 2020

Capturing the Essence of a Rock Legend, with Film Director A.J. Eaton

The son of a musician and songwriter, AJ Eaton grew up in rural Idaho but has worked as a television and film director in Los Angeles for the last 20 years. His 2019 documentary David Crosby: Remember My Name (produced by Cameron Crowe, Greg Mariotti, and Michele Farinola).

From its premiere at Sundance and subsequent theatrical release, the film garnered positive reviews with a 98% “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and won multiple awards, including Best Music Documentary at the Boulder International Film Festival, as well as a Grammy Nomination for Best Music Film.

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What you will learn:

  • How growing up in a musical family influenced him creatively.
  • How aj eaton learned about filmmaking in a state that has no film school (Idaho).
  • Why he was appointed by the Governor of Idaho to help encourage filmmakers to shoot movies in that state.
  • How jobs he took as an aspiring filmmaker helped him hone his skills as an editor, producer, and director.
  • How he turned his idea to interview David Crosby on film, with no funding and no backing from a studio, into a fully-realized documentary, produced by world-renowned, iconic filmmaker Cameron Crowe.
  • What it was like to attend the Sundance Film Festival with David Crosby.
  • What it was like to work with Cameron Crowe and how Cameron’s unique interview techniques resulted in profoundly touching disclosures and revelations by Crosby.
  • The unique challenges presented by the documentary filmmaking process.

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