September 8, 2021

Amber Sealey on Her Path into Film, and Directing No Man of God, with Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby

Actor and award-winning filmmaker Amber Sealey has directed film festival favorites such as How Does it Start, No Light and No Land Anywhere, and How to Cheat. Her most recent film, No Man of God starring Elijah Wood, Luke Kirby, and Robert Patrick, follows the real life friendship that developed between FBI Special Agent Bill Hagmaier (played by Wood), and serial killer Ted Bundy (played by Kirby) during the last four years of Bundy’s life, before he was executed.

What you will learn:

  • Why No Man of God provides a fresh perspective on Ted Bundy’s story, making it a unique and stand-alone narrative film, which can be enjoyed no matter how many Bundy films one has seen, and even if viewers know nothing about Bundy going in. Amber also talks about what drew her to a project which was much different than her prior work. [0:00-8:13]
  • Amber discusses the questions No Man of God raises about the duality of man, how one defines good and evil, and how Elijah Wood had a pivotal understanding of his character and the film from the beginning. [8:13-17:52]
  • What it was like casting the part of Ted Bundy, how she was able to talk Luke Kirby into taking the role, the joy of working with Luke Kirby and why she enjoyed shooting a film set in the 80s. Amber also gives personal insight into why screenwriters, like C. Robert Cargill who wrote the screenplay for No Man of God, sometimes choose to use pseudonyms in lieu of their real name on certain projects. [17:52-26:07]
  • Amber discusses her previous film, No Light and No Land Anywhere, why she chose to cast her father in the role of the protagonist’s “deadbeat dad,” and how the film creates tension in a different yet similar way to No Man of God. [26:07-30:34]
  • Amber shares about her creative and artistic childhood, what it was like going to drama school in England, and how she found her calling in film. Amber also gives advice to young (and old) aspiring filmmakers, while emphasizing that there is no single, definitive path to success in film. [30:34-39:51]
  • The experience Amber had making a short film and the financial struggles one can face trying to get a short film off the ground. Finally, Amber discusses the barriers to entry in the film industry, and shares tips on how to obtain grants and funding to create your own film projects. [39:51-48:27]


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