August 20, 2021

Al Di on Rock and Roll, Producing Movies with Heart, and Some of Our Stallions

Musician, film producer, and actor Al Di began his career in music before connections in the music world gave him the opportunity to produce movies. Al has produced Dreamland with Jason Schwartzman, Brigsby Bear with Kyle MooneyGreg Kinnear and Claire Danes, and Lost Transmissions with Simon Pegg, among others. His most recent film, Some of Our Stallions, was written and directed by Carson Mell, executive produced by Mike Judge, and stars Carson, Al, and Olivia Taylor Dudley.

Some Of Our Stallions Movie Poster

What you will learn:

  • How Al got attached to produce the 2018 film Piercing and what attracted him to the script. How Al found his way from music into the film industry. [0:00-8:08]
  • What skills and talents are required to be a good film producer, and what skills he personally brings to the job, specifically in relation to Some of Our Stallions. Al and Bryan talk about their love of music, and Al talks about his music education and early music career. [8:08-14:08]
  • How Al’s passion to make a film whose script was being overlooked led him to pursue his first acting role, and the benefits of making movies with friends. The challenges he faces as a producer securing funding and distribution for films. [14:08-23:11]
  • What Al has planned for the future, and why he is putting music on the back-burner. Why audiences should see Some of Our Stallions and what makes the film so unique. [23:11-28:09]


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