April 23, 2020

Bryan’s Interview on the Heart Centered Life Podcast

Right as the pandemic was starting to intensify in February, when life was much different than it is today, I sat down with Alina Boyte for an interview on her podcast, Heart Centered Life. It was interesting to be on the other side of an interview for a change. I found Alina to be an engaging, thoughtful host.

Alina’s focus, as the name of her podcast implies, is how to live a heart-centered (as opposed to an intellect- or logic-driven) life. The parallels between her curiosity as a podcast host and mine were not lost on me and I came away from the interview feeling inspired that others are exploring these issues in the podcast arena. Another noteworthy parallel is that, like me, Alina is an attorney. Attorneys are often guided by their intellects as opposed to their hearts, and while this is helpful when analyzing cases and representing clients, it can an impediment to achieving personal fulfillment. No matter what profession we choose, we all have hopes, dreams, and creative goals that our intellects cannot help us achieve. We thus need to listen to our hearts to live a more personally fulfilling life.

Listen to the interview here.