February 12, 2020

Finding Remarkable Solutions to Beautiful Problems, with Advertising and Design Guru, Jim Haven

Jim Haven’s career is rooted in advertising and design but at his core he is a storyteller and problem solver. His corporate clients, including Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Amazon, Nike and Bill Gates, come to him for help with branding and advertising, but end up on a journey to discover who they are as a company and ultimately as a brand. The results are ads so grounded in story and emotion that they are more cinema than a commercial. Jim started his career at the legendary firm Goodby, Silverstein in San Francisco and now lives in London and Seattle where he runs a creative consultancy, Applied Daydreams.  Below are some examples of his unique approaching to branding and advertising.


What you will learn:

  • How Jim got his start in the ad industry.
  • How Jim’s talent for storytelling helped him become a branding expert.
  • Why Jim’s ads and branding videos feel more like cinema than a commercial.
  • Why working with constraints like a limited budget can actually foster creativity, and large budgets can likewise hamper creativity.
  • How Jim finds his clients’ story by immersing himself in their corporate culture while searching for “beautiful problems.”
  • Why he left the preeminent San Francisco firm of Goodby Silverstein for a boutique firm in Amsterdam.
  • How he turned his ad agency “Creature” from a boutique firm with 5 employees into an 85 employee international firm with offices in London and Seattle.
  • What steps he took at Creature to cultivate and nurture creativity in his employees and why he thinks he took it too far.
  • How he helped Bill Gates create a blog called “Gates Notes.”
  • What approach Jim took when Bill Gates asked him to create a one-of-a-kind 50th birthday present for Bono.
  • How Jim’s talent for finding universal human truths made him a natural fit to assist the opposition party in the 2012 Venezuelan election, attempting to overcome a voter suppression campaign by dictator Hugo Chavez.


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