Episode 109: RECAP - Bryan and Jason on Strip Down, Rise Up, and Raising a Podcast Baby

Bryan and Jason discuss: Takeaways from last week’s interview with filmmaker Michele Ohayon who directed the Netflix documentary Strip Down, Rise Up, which follows a diverse group of women as they attempt to heal from trauma and body image issues through the power of movement and pole dance classes; The different styles of documentary filmmaking […]

Episode 102: RECAP - Keith Thomas, Exorcist Trauma, Jason's New Toy, SXSW, and What's Next

Bryan and Jason discuss: Takeaways from Bryan’s interviews with MooseCat Studios and horror filmmaker Keith Thomas who is remaking Stephen King’s Firestarter this year with Blumhouse Horror. The trauma they still feel from watching The Exorcist. Jason’s new recording equipment. Bryan’s invitation to cover SXSW as a member of the press. The upcoming episode feature […]